Tasha Jean

An expert at her craft, Tasha Jean is a highly sought-after hairstylist and master colorist at the Oxford Club Salon. Nothing gives her greater satisfaction than exercising the art of making her clients feel the very best. Hair is personal to Tasha and so are her clients, she approaches her work focused on providing her clients with more than a hairstyle but giving them a higher level of confidence with their hair. Tasha began her ambitious career upon moving to Denver from her hometown in Greenfield Massachusetts.

Tasha is licensed in three states including Colorado, Massachusetts and California. She spent a considerable amount of time working and honing her skills in the prestigious Cherry Creek salon scene for 16 years. Her passion for delivering excellence inspired her to combine her strong business acumen with impeccable artistry as she co-founded the highly successful Blowdry lounge salon in 2011. Tasha Jean’s business has grown to include celebrity clientele in Colorado and has become one of the most well-known names in the hair industry. With her years of experience has launched a successful assistant program to help give back and educate future professionals in her industry.

This one-year minimum assistant program gives assistants the ability to actively participate in local and national fashion shows, photoshoots as well as Local Magazine covers. Tasha is dedicated to staying current with ever-changing techniques by continuing her education and frequently attending internationally recognized workshops. Tasha Jean and her Team provide experienced professionals with their art and passion that is clearly seen with all of the work they do. You’ll guarantee to love her and her upbeat personality, warm smile-inspiring touch.

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